How to Setup WiFi WPS for Epson XP-245

In this post, we are going to make a connection between the WiFi router and printer WPS. When you setup Wifi WPS for the Epson XP245 printer, it will become easy to print from a laptop or even from a smartphone. This process is super easy but most of the Epson users are very confused for the first time about making such connectivity between printer WPS and WiFi router. Kindly follow the steps below:

How to Setup WiFi WPS for Epson XP 245

Epson XP-245 Wifi WPS Setup

  1. Turn on your Epson XP245 printer, Press the Wi-Fi button and keep pressing it for 3 seconds.
  2. You will see the Wi-Fi LED lights will now begin to flash.
  3. Most WiFi routers have a WPS button, find it on the back of the router and press and hold the WPS button for 3-5 seconds as well.
  4. Before you try to make connectivity, make sure you have rebooted the router otherwise router will take more time than it should take.
  5. Once you have done the above-mentioned steps then you have to wait for a while. Now Epson printer WPS tries to connect with your router.
  6. In the end, the Epson XP245 printer Wi-Fi light becomes solid green. It means the printer is connected to the router.
  7. Now, from the printer PRESS the “info” button to print out a report page.
  8. Read the report page very carefully, it will confirm whether is it connected or not.

This process of the connectivity works on many Epson printer models: Epson XP-200, XP-205, XP-211, XP-215, XP-220, XP-225, XP-235, XP-243, XP-247, XP-255, XP-257. If you find it difficult to understand the process. Check out the following video demonstration about setting up WiFi WPS for Epson XP-245.

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