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How to Fix Flashing Lights Error in Pixma MG2500

In this article, we going to discuss the flashing lights error in the MG2500 Series printer. We have also made a video to fix this flashing lights error in the Canon Pixma MG2500 series printer. The error is like when you see all three lights flashing which means there is an error in the printer. In this post, you will learn to fix the error and don’t panic about it because it is a very common error in Pixma MG2500. This error appears when the ink cartridges are not attached properly to the printer. Do the following steps to solve the error:

Before applying this method to solve the printer error. You must check the Canon Pixma MG2500 has authentic drivers installed. Here is the link to download the Canon Printer Drivers and MG2500 Pixma drivers.

  1. Simply open the cartridge chamber door in front
  2. You will see the cartridges are attached to the printer
  3. The error happens because cartridges are not installed properly
  4. Cartridges are not connected with the print
  5. Heads so you just have to press it down and take it out
  6. you have to reinstall them so just place them back
  7. Slide it in and push it inwards
  8. The ink cartridge is just parallel to the ground slide it in
  9. the color one and push it inwards
  10. So once you do it and you still see the flashing because you have not closed the ink cartridge chamber door
  11. So once you close the cartridge door and then this error will go away
  12. So just wait for the printer to fix the error automatically
  13. After the process, you can see that lights are not flashing anymore
  14. The green light is stable

Watch the following video to fix the error and I have explained everything in URDU Language.

So this means if you don’t install the ink cartridge properly, you will see the Flashing Lights Error in MG2500. If there isn’t any error in the installation these lights will start to flash and it’s very easy to fix.

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