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How to Fix Error Code 5B02 by Resetting Canon MG3200

In this post, we are going to fix error code 5B02 by resetting Canon MG3200 Series printers. Whenever the Canon MG3200 printer displays a message like “ink absorber is full and it has error P7”. You will see Error Code 5B02. Don’t worry about it, this guide helps you to solve the error with 2 different solutions. Before we start this helping guide, first make sure you have installed the Canon MG3200 printer drivers on your PC. If your drivers are not working properly then you must install the Canon MG3200 drivers.Canon PIXMA MG3250 drivers for windows or macOS printerfixup

Apply the following steps to fix the Error Code 5B02 for the Canon MG3200 printer:

  1. Replace the ink absorber pads
  2. Clean or replace the absorber
  3. First, unplug the power cable and USB cable
  4. Hold power for 1-2 minutes
  5. Turn on power
  6. Your printer should back to normal printing

Another solution to fix the issues with absorber by resetting EEPROM of Canon MG3200 series printers. If the above method do not then the following steps to enter the service mode and reset the EEPROM:

  1. Start with the printer OFF
  2. Hold down RESUME and then hold down POWER
  3. Release RESUME
  4. Press RESUME twice, then release POWER
  5. Let green light blink until printer is done moving print head

Press RESUME 4 times then POWER to execute the command

Once you have done the above steps then turn the plug off and after the 5 minutes of wait, you can again turn on the Canon MG3200. Congratulations, you have fixed the issue with your printer by resetting it.

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