How to Fix Canon MAXIFY MB2320 Error Code 5207

Most of the customers who bought the Canon MAXIFY MB2320 in 2021 are now complaining about the error code 5207. Why are you facing the error code 5207 in Canon MB2320 in the first place? When you are receiving this error code 5207 on your computer screen then you might unable to print a file or document. You might have tried clearing the printer head and removing the cartridge to solve it but it is not resolving the problem at all.

Problem FIXED Canon MAXIFY MB2320 Error Code 5207

Before you fix the error, make sure you have installed the authentic Canon MB2320 drivers on your PC. Sometimes, reinstalling the drivers could fix the error code 5207 in the Canon printer series. When this error tries to come, your printer will behave abnormally like the printer starts acting like it’s going to print the paper. But the printer will not pull the paper from either paper cassette. Canon MB2320 only spins its wheels and no paper gets pulled from the tray. This sequence happens every time you try to print a paper and finally, you will get the error code 5207.

SOLVED: Problem FIXED Canon MAXIFY MB2320 Error Code 5207

The error code 5207 can be occurred by a paper jam, misalignment of the paper tray, and imbalanced toner cartridge in the printer. I will guide you step-by-step to solve the error code 5207 in the following steps:

  • Power off the machine and unplug the power cable from the printer (approximately 3 minutes), Turning off the printer will delete all stored information in the machine’s memory.
  • Empty the paper tray and remove the paper tray or cassette from the printer
  • Remove the toner cartridge from the Canon MB2320
  • Inspect the entire inside for debris, paper or obstructions, broken pieces or jams, etc.
  • Insert the paper tray and toner cartridge properly and don’t leave the misalignment, etc.
  • Plug the machine back in and turn the machine back on.
  • If the problem is not resolved, contact the service center.

Here are some more tips to fix the problem. I have found these useful tips on a forum.

Most likely the cause of your trouble is the non-OEM carts you using. Try reinstalling all your original OEM carts, empty or not it doesn’t matter. This will reset the 5207 error then you can go back to using the other carts to print.

Don’t make a big mistake like cleaning the print head outside the printer. The printer can usually do a much better job cleaning itself, the poor print quality you were getting is from the bad ink you use. This printer is fussy, so try the OEM Maxify bottle ink instead.

I have also found an answer on the Fixya website, to fix the error code 5207 in the Canon printer, which is quite awesome like we have explained eariler. The user said that “Either you have a paper jam, the print head is dirty and needs cleaning or the software needs updating.”

We will make a Youtube video with a visual explanation to solve this error in MB2320. Make comment below and discuss the issue you are facing with the printer. We will try our best to solve the error for you.

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