Givvy Shorts App Daily Rs.500 to 1,500 (Affiliate Marketing)

Now a days many peoples have jobless so therefore i will share you a best Givvy Shorts App Daily Rs.500 to 1,500 (Affiliate Marketing). in this app you have a multiple option for making online money.

Givvy Shorts

Today I am going to tell you about an application called Givvy Shorts. What do you get in this application that you get paid when you perform yes as soon as you enter this application then here you get free shorts videos for watching. So as you watch short videos in this application you get rules in return and those coins are directly converted into dollars and your main account balance.

Here you get different types of videos to watch which you get paid for watching. How to do it like you sign up for account while you are asked about the category. You have selected in your start that way you show video here and you get paid by watching videos.

The video you will see here are short videos because the name of this application is the same as Givvy Shorts here you get to watch short videos on which you get paid for watching if you do a form. are and they convert to dollars and you can withdraw it.

Givvy Shorts 5 Ways Of Online Earning

Here are five ways to earn in such an application which I will explain completely with you in today’s article. You are requested to rate this article till the end and read it completely. So here are all the ways to earn money, all are free, no investment required, free of cost can making money.

No1: Now I am going to tell you in sequence how first way you guys can earn money like you register in here to earn short video short videos on your home screen.

No2: Even by liking and commenting on someone’s video you will get a free coins and this coins you can withdrawal easily.

No3: If you upload your own video here, you will get as many triples as you like, comment or share your video here. after that you get free bonus.

No4: Here you can earn more if you share your invitation and referral link to any friend, then you get a very good income. if you work on Affiliate marketing you will get a 10% commisions from invitions.

No5: here in this app you will get 0.02 dollars per invite and and also have 10% from their friends cashout so this is good way for you.


In this tape I am going to tell you a lot of samples about the complete process of withdrawals. If you earn even a little here, you can withdraw it immediately. To know how the procedure is, read it till the end.

There are many wats available to withdraw money in which if you are from Pakistan then you understand now here you can out money through easy paisa which is very simple and easy.

You are from any country in the world, whatever you earn, you can take it from here without any tension, there are very good wallets here, like for everyone withdrawal process is very simple and easy for all.

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